Our amazing app as your Clinic Management Software

The app offers unique set of features to manage your clinic seamlessly. From telemedicine to patient management system to online prescription, our app has got everything you need as your clinic management system.

  • telemedicine Telemedicine


    Expand your practice beyond physical boundaries, and offer online consultation services to your patients.

  • ehr EHR & EMR


    Securely maintain digital health records of patients, and write online prescriptions for virtual as well as clinic consultations.

  • online-appointment-calendar Online Appointment Calendar


    Manage your practice time effectively with the online calendar. Add and view all your appointments at one place in a calendar.

  • patient-reviews Patient Reviews


    Reviews build trust and reputation among patients. Get reviews from your patients, manage and respond directly from the app.

  • patient-management Patient Management


    Create a personalized patient experience and manage their care journey through multiple touchpoints to ensure the best possible care.

  • payment-gateway Payment Gateway


    Provide patients with a digital payment option and securely collect payments through our integrated gateway.

  • admin-portal Admin Portal


    Transform your clinic's front desk operations with our web-based administrative portal that digitalizes and automates tasks.

  • practice-growth Practice Growth


    Attract more patients and grow your practice with personalized digital marketing tools, including your own branded website.


Why choose icareheal for your Clinic Management?

In this digital era of healthcare, you can count on us to help you run a successful practice clinic. icareheal is like having extra staff without the extra monthly costs.


Enhance Patient Experience

Enhance patient satisfaction with icareheal's digital touchpoints at every patient interaction with you. By offering convenient online scheduling, automated appointment reminders, and tele-consultation, your patients will have a positive experience that fosters trust and encourages them to retain to your practice.

Better Patient Care Delivery

Better Patient Care Delivery

Empower your practice with icareheal’s cloud-based EHR, clinical software tools, and online prescription system and take the first step towards delivering better care to patients. These tools help you better manage the care delivery, giving you more time to focus on what matters most – your patients' health.

Automate Your Practice

Automate Your Practice

Gain efficiencies, and reduce manual work by automating your practice with our app for doctor and clinic management software. Everyone wins with icareheal - Providers and clinic staff can reduce their workload, while patients enjoy greater convenience and ease.

Grow Your Practice

Grow Your Practice

Create an exceptional first impression with your own branded website and Google page when potential patients search for you online. With icareheal, leverage the power of your digital presence to attract more patients and showcase a reputation that sets you apart.

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    Paid Doctors Across India
  • 400

    Clinics Across 50 Cities
  • 25

    Unique Specialty & Super-Specialty
  • 40

    Thousand 5-star Patient Reviews

Delight your patients at every digital touchpoint in their healing journey with you!

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Empower Your Clinic with our App for Doctors

icareheal offers the ultimate healthcare technology solutions for your clinic management. With us, you can accomplish more with less effort, ensuring seamless experience for both you and your patients.


Connect With Your Patients Via Telemedicine

Broaden your patient outreach, and expand your practice beyond locations with our secured online consultation app.

  • Connect with patients through HD quality video and audio
  • Manage patients anytime, anywhere at your ease
  • Get notified when the patient joins the waiting room

Streamline Patient Care With EHR & EMR Solutions

Digitalise patient records with our EHR & EMR and secure their health data for any future references.

  • Generate your own personalised branded online prescriptions
  • Write and share online prescription for both virtual and clinic consultations
  • View patient health records during the consultation or anytime

Online Calendar To View, Add, & Join Appointment

Stay organised, save time and efficiently manage all your appointments with our online calendar.

  • View all appointments across locations, timings and consultation modes
  • Add an incoming patient’s appointment based on calendar availability
  • Join the patient's virtual consultation directly from the calendar

Get Patient Reviews Directly On Your Google Profile

Positive Google reviews can help attract new patients to your practice. Enhance your online reputation with icareheal.

  • Increase Google reviews with our automated patient review mechanism
  • Manage and respond to your Google reviews directly from the app
  • Gain trust among new patients with your positive online reputation

Personalised Touchpoints To Engage & Manage Patients

Engage with your patients in a meaningful and continuous way and retain them for life.

  • Provide care and convenience to patients with online scheduling
  • Reduce patient no-shows with automated reminders and alerts
  • Strengthen patient engagement via our free integrated patient app

Secured Payment Gateway payments online

Collect consultation fees online from patients with our integrated payment gateway.

  • Highly secured and encrypted payment gateway
  • Quick and easy payment collection
  • Providing convenience - a win-win for both you and your patients

Admin Portal for your Clinic Management

Simplify and automate your clinic's front desk operations with our cloud web-based administrative portal.

  • Manage your clinic efficiently from a single platform
  • Integrated web admin and doctor's app for easy navigation
  • Login for team and staff for better clinic management

Attract more Patients & Grow your Practice

Personalised tools and marketing strategies to gain new patients, resulting in practice growth.

  • Your own website, Google Business profile & SEO content
  • Customised digital marketing tools and strategy
  • Targeted content for social media to attract new patients

Our Doctors Love us!
What they say About us..


Highly recommend icareheal for clinic appointments software and website development. The team has been very prompt and helpful over the past year and am especially happy with the follow-up of appointments booked through the website. Their App is a one-stop solution for all patient and clinic-related information. Hoping for a fruitful association in the coming year as well.

Dr. Manni Hingorani ENT Surgeon | South Delhi


Having extensive telemedicine experience, I can say with command that icareheal stands apart in offering practice growth platform for the doctors that enables them in managing their clinic, their practice and their patient care throughout various touch-points both online and offline.

Dr. Haleema Yezdani Global future 50 clinical leader in HIMSS


The platform has rich features - its customisable website builder helps enhance doctor’s brand equity online. Its dynamic calendar manages doctor’s schedule effortlessly, its in-built patient monitoring feature is scalable and interoperable and its prescription creation and management is very user friendly. And the whole thread has standard security to keep data safe.

Dr. Snehalatha Dornala Professor at Ayurvedic Mahavidyalaya


Extremely satisfied with my association with icareheal. Especially happy with the way they have engaged patients on my Google profile facilitating easy reach for diabetes patients to my practice. They started social media posts basis my recommendation. I receive 4-5 posts every week which I post on my social media, and getting attractions from there as well. Kudos to the great team. Would highly recommend icareheal to fellow doctors, looking to grow their practice.

Dr. Anuradha Kapoor Diabetologist | Mumbai

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EMR - Online Prescription
Pen & Paper Based Prescription
Practice Notifications & Reminders
Patient App
Team & Clinic Staff Access
Telemedicine - Video Consultation
Telemedicine - Audio Consultation
Branded Website
Website - Seo Friendly Content & Graphics
Website - Appointment Booking by Patient
Website - Healthcare Pages
Website Builder
Website Themes
Custom Domain URL for Website
Google Business Profile Management
Review Management
Digital Marketing - SEO On-Page
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is icareheal app for doctor?

    icareheal app for doctor is one stop technology solution for all your practice needs. It is a clinic management app which you can use as your clinic management software. It is best online doctor app in India.

  • What are the key features provided in icareheal app for doctor?

    The key features of icareheal app for doctors include - telemedicine, online appointment booking system, online calendar, patient management, patient reviews, website, social media posts, practice growth tools.

  • Is this app for doctor available in web version also?

    Yes, the app has a cloud based web portal which your clinic can use for clinic management. The app for doctors and Web portal are 100% synced and integrated with each other. So, you can use both or either one as per your convenience.

  • Is icareheal app for doctor available for free use?

    Yes, icareheal app for doctor is available for free uses. The free version has certain features like - online calendar, appointment booking, patient management, EMR, EHR.

  • I am looking for a clinic management software for my clinic. Will icareheal app for doctor serve the purpose?

    Yes, absolutely. The app for doctor and web portal is your clinic management software which you can use for managing your entire clinic at one go.

  • I am looking for a patient management system for my clinic. Will icareheal app for doctor serve the purpose?

    Yes, absolutely. The app for doctor and web portal has all the required patient management tools which you need.

  • What is available in the free icareheal app for doctor?

    The free version has key features like - online calendar, appointment booking, patient management, EMR, EHR.

  • Can my clinic staff use the app as well as web portal for clinic management?

    Yes, absolutely. The clinic staff can use both app and web portal (or any one) for the clinic management.

  • Is this app an online doctor consultation app?

    Yes. icareheal app for doctor is an online doctor consultation app where using the telemedicine feature, patient and doctor can connect online via video and audio.

  • Will I be able to set up my team of doctors and clinic staff on this clinic management software app?

    Yes. The clinic management app allows you to create an access for all the doctors and clinic staff.

  • Will I be able to set up my consultation fees, available time, and consultation mode for the patients?

    Yes. Setting up consultation fees, timings, and mode of consultation are parts of clinic management softwares

  • I am a single doctor managing my clinic. I don't have technical experience of managing clinic management software. How will I be able to manage?

    The app is designed in such a way that it doesn't require any technical expertise. You will be able to navigate it easily. However, we have our team of experts to support you at any step required.

  • I am using the free version of icareheal app for doctor? How do I upgrade to the paid version to get complete access of this clinic management app?

    Please connect with us directly using the support tab from the app. Our team of expect will get in touch with you for the next steps.

  • How do my patients get access to me?

    There are three ways. Patients can book appointment from your website which we have created for you, or patients can book appointment from the patient app if they have downloaded, or patients can connect directly with the clinic and ask them to book appointment for you and you can add the appointment on your doctor's app.

  • Does patient need to download the patient app to get access to my clinic?

    No, patient app is not mandatory for patients to use. They can connect with you via the website or direct connect as well.

  • If a patient has booked an online appointment with me, how he will connect with me for consultation?

    Patient will get the message, notification, email on his registered contact details from where he can join the online consultation.

  • Do you provide telemedicine service for doctors and patients? How does this work?

    Yes. Telemedicine is one of our key paid feature available on app & web. We have secured mode of consulting via video and audio.

  • Does you provide the service of online appointment booking system for doctor?

    Yes, our app and web portal has online appointment booking system for patients as well as doctors. Doctors can add any appointment on their calendar.

  • I am not well versed with technology. Will I still be able to use this app?

    Yes, the app is designed in a very user friendly way so that anyone can use it efficiently. Also, our team of experts are always available for any support required.

  • How will my patients pay for the services?

    Patients will be able to pay online for all services and for in-clinic consultations at the time of booking itself. They can also pay at the clinic for in-clinic consultations. Our payment gateway is 100% secured.

  • How do I manage the patients from icareheal app for doctor?

    Our icareheal app for doctor and web portal has patient management feature where you can add patients, schedule appointment, see the health history, join teleconsultation and share prescription.

  • Will the app used by patients be a different one or same as the one that I use?

    No, the app used by you and your patient are different. Clinic management App focuses on easing your task with focus on key activities that you perform whereas the patient app is a medium for patients to stay registered with you and the clinic.

  • How will I see the patient health profile?

    In your patient management app, you can see the health profile of any particular patients added.

  • Is it possible for me to schedule notification and reminders for myself and my patients?

    Yes, appointment booking reminders and notifications are auto scheduled as per the calendar and will be sent to you and your patients according to the scheduled time.

  • We have multiple doctors in our clinic and how will the clinic staff know the availability of each doctor?

    The admin staff will have access to the calendar which would show your real time availability for any appointments.

  • Can I offer only telemedicine service to my patients?

    Yes, You can selectively offer telemedicine service to your patients via our app for doctor and web portal.

  • How will my appointments for different consultation modes appear on the calendar?

    The different consultation modes are color coded and shown on the calendar according to the mode of consultation on a particular date and time.

  • Will my clinical staff be able to book appointments on the calendar for me?

    Yes, if the admin rights are given to the clinic staff, they can book appointments as well.

  • Can I take consultation from my mobile?

    You will need either a laptop or a mobile device with approx 10 mbps of internet connection to run online consultation.

  • Does icareheal app for doctor take patient consent before an online consultations?

    Patient consent is mandatory in case of an online consultation. We capture patient consent when he books an online consultation via the patient app, website and also when he clicks the join button for the online consultation.

  • I want to buy the subscription of the icareheal app for doctor. How should I proceed?

    Please connect with us directly using the support tab from the app. Our team of expect will get in touch with you for the next steps.

  • Can I create different shifts and timings for the online consultation?

    Yes, you will be able to keep whatever timings you want for the in-clinic as well as the online consultation.

  • Do I need to add a patient on the patient management system?

    Patients automatically get added to you patient management system when he has booked an appointment with you, or if you have scheduled an appointment with him. If you want to add more patients, please connect with us. We will help you bulk upload your patients data to the patient management.

  • Can I use this app as a prescription app for doctors?

    Yes, this app is a prescription app for doctors where doctors can write online prescription as well as upload a prescription for a patient.

  • I am used to writing paper based prescriptions for my patients. Can I continue doing the same with this app?

    Yes, you can continue to write the prescriptions on paper and upload the same. Our app supports both online prescription as well as pen and paper based prescription.

  • Many a times I need to write clinical notes for a patient for my future references. Can I do this on the app as well?

    Yes. We have included an option whether you want to include notes as a part of prescription or not. If you don't want to include that as a part of the prescription, you will be able to do so.

  • Will I have the access to patients health records while I write the current prescription?

    Yes, you will be able to move back and forth between current prescription and past health records of the patients as they are stored in electronic format.

  • Will I get a reminder and notification for my consultation?

    Yes, appointment booking reminders and notifications are auto scheduled as per the calendar and will be sent to you and your patients according to the scheduled time.

  • Does the free version of app allow free prescription writing?

    Yes, you can write prescription from our free app for doctor and web portal

  • I am not well versed with clinic softwares. Will I still be able to use EMR service and write online prescription for patients?

    Yes, the app is designed in a very user friendly way so that anyone can use it efficiently. Also, our team of experts are always available for any support required.

About The Service

The icareheal app for doctor is India's best clinic management software solution. Whether the clinic is a single-doctor or multiple-doctor clinic or is present at multiple locations, our app for doctor provides various features and solutions that can help manage a clinic more efficiently. The app for doctor has features like a patient management system, an online consultation app for doctors, clinic web software, a doctor appointment booking system, a prescription app for doctors, telemedicine, an EHR, EMR, and an online doctor appointment system, which makes it all-in-one best doctor's app for clinic management software system available in India.

With our patient management system, clinics can add patients and their health data, schedule their appointments, manage their electronic health records online, and be connected, thus increasing patient satisfaction and managing their care journey through multiple touchpoints to ensure the best possible care for the patients. Another great feature of our patient management system is patient reviews. Doctors get reviews directly from the patients, and the same would be reflected in the doctor's Google business profile review section. Doctors can manage and respond to the reviews directly from the doctor's app, thus saving time and efficiently managing their online reputation, resulting in an increase in new patients. Our patient management system also provides a safe and secured payment gateway for patients, where they can directly pay online for the doctor's consultation.

Our online doctor consultation system enables doctors to schedule an appointment online and offer online consultations to patients, providing comfort and convenience for both doctors and patients. The icareheal app for doctor is the best medical app for telemedicine. Doctors can expand their practice beyond locations and offer video and audio consultation services to their patients. Doctors will be able to make real-time connections with their patients through our quality online consultation app. Our app for doctor enables online consultation by optimising bandwidth, is secure, and has a high uptime. It also has the provision for an EHR and an EMR to help doctors easily write and share prescriptions with their patients in both online consultations and clinic consultations. With our online appointment calendar, doctors can view all their appointments in one calendar, clearly demarcated by mode of consultation, time, and patient details. This allows doctors to better manage their time and focus more on what matters most: the care they deliver to their patients. The app and web have in-built notification and reminder alerts for doctors and patients for any interactions, which reduces no-shows among patients.

What's more, our app for doctor and clinic management software is also available in a web version for easy access on the desktop for all clinic management tasks. Doctors can transform the clinic's front desk operations with our web-based administrative portal that digitalizes and automates tasks, thus reducing manual work and making the clinic management software system more effective for everyone.

The icareheal app for doctor is the best online doctor app in India. It caters to all the specialities and super specialities clinics across India. With the icareheal app for doctor, doctors can also easily build an online telemedicine clinic and start conducting online consultations. With a clinic management system, doctors can manage their clinical team of doctors, and staff while at the same time engaging patients and enhancing their experience with their clinic practice. Download our free icareheal Doctor app, and register to access our free online calendar, appointment booking, clinic management, and patient management tools.


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