The Power and Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing

People often go online to seek help with their medical issues, and the sites that provide this help are more likely to generate web traffic, which increases the likelihood of a subsequent consultation.

Some people immediately go to their doctor when they feel sick or need help managing a health issue, but many others turn to the internet. While a blog post or article page is no match for an in-person appointment, it can help strengthen your relationship with your patients and even attract new ones.


With increased online presence everyone wants to reach the maximum audience and have conversions. Hence, it’s rightly said that content marketing is the new gold these days.

Content marketing is a combination of solid copywriting, SEO keyword identification, listening to consumers and providing answers and sharing interesting content with the target audience.

It helps you demonstrate your knowledge, your patients need to be able to trust your knowledge if they’re going to trust you with their health and well-being. And quality content does that.

In many cases, the content on your site should motivate patients to take action. Content with a clear, straightforward call to action will encourage people to take the next step in managing their health.


Research shows that quality content ensures consumer engagement and helps with brand loyalty. It involves working with your internal and external marketing teams for the distribution of your content via your website, blog, email, social media, video, and more.

As a business leader or marketer or for that matter virtually anyone who has product or services to offer and wishes to reach out to and engage with a target audience, you need to provide them with valuable and relevant information from your area of work or your product that helps give them a solution to their problem. This is the simplest way to understand content marketing.


By creating content about topics that interest their target audience, businesses can attract new leads. Once these leads engage with us owing to their content, businesses have several ways to turn them into customers.

So just being there may not be enough. You need to be active and regular and your content needs to be unique and of good quality and only then people would engage with it and get aware of your product and services.

When you provide the content and keep doing so, there is a time when people start looking towards you as a market leader because you are the one visible to them and they see you interacting with them. 

With time people start resonating with your content and that’s when the conversions start. This is the most organic form of conversion and mostly the people who come through this way are loyal customers as they have observed you for a long time.


To harness the opportunity from your digital presence and social media you can do the following things – 


  1. Website – This is the most important thing for any teleconsultation service as it is a window to the services you provide. The reach of the website can be huge depending upon the content and the appearance. 
  2. SEO and Social media – There has been a sharp increase in the number of businesses pursuing new users and getting connected with their regular users on social media. With ads on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can reach a multitude of users. 
  3. Local listings – It is very important to display the services you offer on the search results page as the visibility there is very high. You can update your teleconsultation services on Google. 
  4. Reviews – Reviews are very useful to distinguish the quality of the services a particular business is offering. Good reviews can take your teleconsultation service a long way. 


iCareHeal helps doctors with impacted content on their website with which many would like to connect. Our services provide doctors with search engine optimized, responsive and beautiful websites so that your first impression is the best one.

Ultimately, content marketing refers to creating, curating, and sharing valuable content for free to generate website traffic, build an audience, generate leads, and convert them into sales. Just having a Social Media Handle doesn’t seem to be enough anymore.

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