Top 5 must-have information for a doctor’s website

Building a website is just a small part for doctors to showcase themselves, having the right information which convinces the visitors is the part that takes the most time.

Targeted content helps the doctors’ website to be Search Engine Optimised, such that the website comes at the top searches for the patients. Websites built through iCareHeal are exclusively customized for doctors and hence target the right content. We specifically target the content that patients use to search doctors online and decide to take the consultation. 

How to create a healthcare website that works?


1. About Practice Content

How do you suppose that a patient who hasn’t ever consulted you or had a reference from someone would just consult you?

This about Doctor and about Clinic content should easily persuade the visitors to take a consultation from you. The content should clearly show your affiliations, years of experience, and awards if any showing your credibility.


2. Specializations & Health Care Services

Everyone wants to consult specialists!! You need to explicitly showcase the specializations that you have. This convinces the visitor to know that yes you can help them out with the problem that they are having. Showing the specializations and health care services explicitly ensures the visitor knows that you will be able to provide certain services to them and then they can make an informed decision about consulting you.


3. Your Medical Staff

We are people and want to connect with people. Not knowing who all would e attending us makes us feel twitchy about you. The patients want to be treated by credible people and the ability to know about the person operating on them makes them feel safe. 

This information should contain your staff’s experience, a formal picture and some credible information about them with which the patients can relate to.


4. Testimonials

Nothing shows your credibility more than your reviews do. These days one orders anything only after seeing reviews then why shouldn’t they look out for reviews on their doctors. Before consulting you, every patient would give a look at the reviews you have because those increase your credibility from a third person.


5. Contact, Availability, and Location Details

What if a patient living very far made an in-clinic appointment with you. Don’t let this happen and make your patients already informed. Show your location explicitly, preferably with a link to Google Maps so that they never have any difficulty in finding you.

To stand out in this world it is really important to present yourself as the best. And a website with beautiful graphics and optimized content helps you do that. Check out how our website builder works and targets this information. We at care heal do this for the doctors and let them focus on their patients only. If you are a doctor and haven’t registered yet then Contact Us, and get the most optimized website for yourself.

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