Embarrassed about vaginal itching? Follow home remedies!

Vaginal Itching


Ask any woman and she will definitely tell a story about the vulval and vagina itching. But sometimes this could be a serious problem as well. This is a very distressing symptom. Sometimes it can be embarrassing as well. This can be treated by natural home remedies. There are various reasons or causes for vaginal itching. The most common one is fungal or yeast infection. Urinary tract infection can also be a reason. Diabetic women and urine incontinence are a reason. It is not important that it is a sexually transmitted disease but instead it is rarely due this. Most gynaecologists believe that it is caused due to change in the pH. The change in pH of the vagina can attract fungus. It may provide a very suitable environment. The natural remedies include baking soda bath, apple cider vinegar and Greek yoghurt. These can help you prevent fungal infection. Online consultation with your general physician can help you prevent the infection. 


What causes itching in private parts? 


Why does my vaginal itch keep coming back? This is the question generally asked by women all around the world. You might have visited your clinic for irritating and embarrassing itching. Vaginal itching can return too. This is really problematic. Consult a general physician or gynaecologist in case the itching lasts for more than a week. Sore and blisters are also commonly seen if you have itching. Often it is accompanied by dirty vaginal discharge. Other possible causes would be using irritant chemicals too often. The fancy soaps and bubble baths might seem exciting but they are not good for your vagina! These can cause allergies around your vagina. Washing your undergarments in dettol and savlon is not a good idea. Women who are diabetic or have problems with urinary incontinence can lead to irritating reactions. Vaginal yeast infection is known by vaginal candidiasis or vaginal thrush. This infection is caused by overgrowth of candida albicans. Vaginal infections are typically not sexually transmitted infection. The infection happens because of a change in the pH of vagina. This typically leads to thick and sticky vagin discharge. This calls for a visit to the doctor. You might see redness and rashes. Antifungal pessary is a tube that is inserted in the vagina. Your gynaecologist may advise you to use anti-fungal cream. 


10 Home remedies for an itching vagina


Vaginal itching can be really irritating and socially awkward. But keep one thing in mind instead of using harsh chemicals especially around your private parts instead switch to home remedies and natural ways. 


Baking Soda Bath : There are various causes of itching and one being is the yeast infection. Baking soda baths can treat yeast infection. This is being studied as well. The basic nature of baking soda will kill the yeast. Take a quarter of baking soda in a cup and put the same in warm water. Soak yourself in that water. 


Greek yoghurt : Yoghurt in general has a lot of advantages and can be used to soothe your vagina. It is proven that it can help in the treatment of yeast infection. Vaginal itching will be controlled because it has a soothing effect. Use Greek yoghurt around your vagina. You can use this with a tampon as well. Coat the tampon with the yoghurt and then insert it inside the vagina to get rid of vaginal itching. You can make a very thin buttermilk out of it as well. 


Cotton underwear and comfortable garments : Cotton is the best clothing stuff as it is breathable. Wearing cotton underwear will help you during vaginal itching. Since cotton is a light material and thus prevents skin infection and rashes. Thus wearing cotton underwear will prevent infection and thus will reduce vaginal itching. Synthetic clothing such as nylon can prevent the area from breathing. Lack of proper breathing creates a ground for yeast infection. 


Apple cider vinegar bath : Today this is a new all rounder and can be used to treat many problems. It’s not just your weight loss partner but has antimicrobial properties as well. So use this as a treatment for vaginal itching and yeast infection. Take an apple cider vinegar bath, it’s amazing for your skin as well. 


Probiotic supplements: Good bacteria can promote good vaginal health. This can be used as a preventive measure as well. Using it even without vaginal itching can be helpful as well. This is because of bacteria. Now that’s one thing you buy from any general store and use it when you feel discomfort. For brands you can take advice from your general physician as well. 


Coconut oil : It is an old age method! Yes it can be used to improve vaginal health. There are still studies being done to prove but there are no side effects for the same. You can use it for your vagina. Don’t use normal coconut oil. Pure coconut oil should be used for vaginal itching. Talk to your gynaecologist for the same. 


Anti-fungal cream : It is an over-the-counter drug that can be used to treat vaginal itching. 


Soak in warm water : Vaginal boils are very irritative and problematic. Blocked oil glands and pus filled lumps to form outside the skin. Fill a tub with warm water and sit in that tub for a long time to prevent further problems. 


Change pads after regular intervals: It is really important to change pads regularly. Wetness in that area is the real problem. It can lead to infections and thus can affect your vaginal health. Wearing pads for a very long time can irritate the skin and can cause skin rashes too. It can make skin sensitive to other infections. 


Cranberry : Make sure to eat this everyday when you are going through some trouble. When there is pus cell while passing urine, intake of cranberries can actually help. Cranberry is a regular food that you should include in your regular diet. 


When you are wet change your clothes immediately : Wet and sweaty clothes can cause excessive moisture and that can lead to infection. During the rainy season, carry clothes that are dry and simply change the clothes. Since after workout you have sweated a lot, see one thing that you change the clothes as soon as possible. 


Avoid scented products : There are many products that are available in the market. They may claim to improve your vaginal health, to make the area smell fresh and clean. But remember these products will worsen the skin infection. They may aggravate bacterial infection. Instead clean the area with warm water and mild soap. Person should clean the area with soap and water thrice a day. 


Yoga asanas : There are certain yoga asanas that will provide you good health. You can try your hands on viparita karani or bhadrasana. 


Vaginal itching in pregnancy 


Pregnancy is a whole new experience! Everything about your body is changing. There are few common reasons that occur with or without pregnancy. They may be fungal infection, urinary tract infection or sensitivity to products. Vaginal dryness or increase in vaginal discharge are other common reasons for the same. Pregnancy specific are cholestasis of liver and urinary tract infection. During pregnancy the uterus expands and puts pressure on the urinary bladder. This leads to incomplete expansion of the urinary bladder and difficulty in urination. Improper urination leads to infections. Ask your general physician about the details of different infections. 


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